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New FlightView Training Video

So here is a new 55 minute monster training video covering all things FlightView App. We start off with a quick review of what FlightView is and does, then take a brief look at the architecture. Next we walk through the process of installing the app on an iPad. Then we dive deep on the screens, with detailed descriptions of the overall layout, the PFD, MFD, EMS, COM Radio, Transponder, Autopilot, and Checklist system.

It’s a lot, but it does a good job of explaining how to use FlightView. I’ll follow it up with some other extended tutorials on installing the FlightView Hardware and configuring FlightView – both of which are likely to be equally as long and involved.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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RNAV (GPS) Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams

Version 3.0 of the FlightView system adds FAA RNAV (GPS) approach plates, airport diagrams, and approach procedures to the FlightView MFD and navigation system. These are currently considered experimental features as there are a few key functions (missed approaches, procedure turns, holds) that are still under development. While this is still “experimental” we’re offering the plates and database for free. When we have the feature ready for prime-time we will be charing a small subscription fee for the data – something in the range of $10 / month or $100 / year.

Here’s how to get it all set up and working…

Configure the FlightView App

  1. Make sure you have version 3.0 or later installed on your iPad
  2. Enable the “Instrument Approach Procedures” in the new “Experimental Features” settings page.

Download the Data

  1. On a computer (not the iPad) download the plates data, which comes as a 3.95 GB zip file.
  2. Unzip the […]
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2022 Show Specials

We’re running AirVenture 2022 show special pricing through August 15 on the following:

  • Save $100 on the FlightView Lite kit – regular price $1750, show special $1650
  • Save $200 on the FlightView Core kit – regular price $2500, show special $2300
  • Save $300 on the FlightView Ready-To-Fly kit – regular price $3500, show special $3200

No coupons or coded required – all sales on FlightView systems are already discounted on the Falken Avionics store.

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AirVenture 2022

So first, the obligatory picture of this year’s booth:

I shot this during one of the very few moments when there wasn’t a crowd of enthusiastic homebuilders crowded in and asking for a demo. Over the course of the week we gave more than 150 demos and talked with more than 400 builders. As always, Oshkosh was a great opportunity to meet customers and potential customers, get the word out, and collect feedback from the experimental aviation community. We will definitely be back next year.

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FlightView Firmware v3: Core Improvements

Last year at Oshkosh I demo’d a new version of the firmware for FlightView that radically improved system performance and helped guarantee system stability. At the time, I figured the new code would be ready within a few weeks. A few months at the outside. Well…. I’m happy to announce that version 3.0 is now available. It took a bit longer than expected, but I think it’s worth the wait. Here’s what’s cool about v3:

New Software Architecture

v3 is built using a “micro-services” architecture. Rather than having all the functionality tied up in one or two processes, v3 breaks out almost every function into its own independent “service”. The operating system manages the services, starting them up in the proper order and restarting them in the event of a crash. This means that a bug in one service can’t bring down the entire system. This makes FlightView more bulletproof than ever […]

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Oshkosh 2021 – See You There!

EAA AirVenture 2021 (aka “Oshkosh”) is only a month away. I’m very happy to announce that Falken Avionics will be exhibiting and I will be presenting a Forum on FlightView. We will be back in the same booth location as 2019 – Hangar A, Aisle E, Booth 1043. If you’re able to make it to Oshkosh, please swing by to say hello and check out our FlightView and FlightBox Pro demos. This year’s booth will feature installation tutorials at 10:30 AM each morning, as well as the usual show-and-tell.

On Tuesday at 1:00 PM I will be presenting a Forum entitled FlightView – Inside and Out which will include a deep dive into the EFIS, explaining not only what it does and how it works but how to create custom add-ons and integrate new hardware and software. The presentation will be held in […]

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App Update: v0.4r22 – Bug Fix and Engine Logging

TL;DR – version v0.4r22 of the FlightView app is now available in TestFlight. It fixes a bug with the RPM counter and adds an engine data logging feature.

Quick Fix

Well, that was quick. Last night I received a bug report that changing the “Ignition Events Per Rotation” value (i.e. the number of pulses the EMS receives for every full turn of the engine) failed to update the configuration on the FlightBox Pro. Turns out that one letter in one parameter name was capitalized, so the code on the FlightBox that receives the update silently ignored that value. Computers… so picky. Anyway, an easy fix and, it gives me the opportunity to roll out another much-requested feature.

Engine Logging

v0.4r22 adds engine data logging. The logs capture a 1 Hz (once-per-second) history of the engine values as reported by the EMS. Note that the current version assumes that the inputs on the EMS are […]

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App Update: v0.4r21

I am pushing out v0.4r21 to TestFlight with a set of fixes to issues uncovered in the past week. This version requires the same FlightBox firmware as the release last week (v2.3r1-7121b8ce98), so if you’ve already updated your FlightBox Pro EXP all you need is the new version of the app. (If you’ve not updated to v2.3r1-7121b8ce98 the app will prompt you to do so – see last week’s blog post for details on the update process.)

One of the issues uncovered last week was an application crash. It occurred when the app received an ADS-B METAR update that was malformed and could not be parsed by the app’s METAR decoder. The two users who discovered this issue had the unfortunate experience of having the app crash every time that METAR arrived (about once every minute). Fortunately the next refresh from the METAR site was properly formatted and the crash stopped […]

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