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Open Flight Solutions customers have several options for support. We kindly request that you start by reviewing the documentation and FAQs in the Online Support Library below. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact us using one of the following methods:

Trouble Ticket

If you are not able to find a solution to your issue using the online support resources, you may open a trouble ticket. Under normal circumstances we will respond within 24 business hours.

Create Trouble Ticket
Phone Support

Phone support is available on a scheduled basis. To schedule phone support, please start by opening a ticket. We will respond to the ticket to schedule time for a phone call.

Community Forum

For support outside of business hours, please also see our community forum. Please be aware that this forum is user-to-user support: Falken Avionics does not actively monitor or participate in this forum.

Online Resource Library

Select your product from the tabs below to access the full library of support documents, training videos, diagrams, and other online resources.

FlightView App

Install The FlightView App – The FlightView app is currently available from Apple’s App Store. To install the FlightView app, search for “FlightView EFIS” in the App Store or click this link in Safari on your iPad.

Get FlightView Credentials – To complete the installation of FlightView, you’ll need a user name (typically your email address) and a password. Click here to request your credentials.

Password Reset – Click this link and scroll to the section entitled “Reset FlightView Password” to reset your password.

FlightView System

FlightView Installation and User Manual (Live Version) – The definitive guide to installing and using FlightView. Continuously updated, so check back frequently. A downloadable PDF copy is available here.

FlightView Frequently Asked Questions – our comprehensive FAQ document for answers to many common FlightView questions.

FlightView Training Video Playlist – Our growing library of FlightView training videos.

FlightDock / FlightBar

FlightDock and FlightBar Installation Guide   
FlightDock Mounting Diagram 

Trig TT2x Transponder

TT2x Wiring Diagram
TT2x Installation Notes

Trig TY91 VHF COM Radio

TY91 Wiring Diagram – TC90 Control Head
TY91 Wiring Diagram – Direct
TY91 Installation Notes

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Warranty and Returns

All Falken Avionics hardware products are covered by the Falken Avionics Returns And Product Warranty policy. Please review this policy prior to returning a product or sending it in for warranty repair. All returns and warranty claims require a Return Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) issued by Falken, and a copy of the RMA must be included in the package.

Please ship all returns to:

Falken Avionics, LLC
Attn: Returns / Repairs
2901 Kenai Drive
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Recent FAQs

What transponders does FlightView support?2020-12-18T00:27:19+00:00

Currently, FlightView supports the Trig TT21 and TT22 Mode ES transponders. If you’re operating in the US, you want the TT22 – it meets all the requirements for the 2020 mandate.

Note that you’ll need a 2020-compliant position source – either Trig’s TN72 GPS or an approved IFR navigator with WAAS support like the Garmin GTN, GPS, and GNS units, or the Avidyne IFD line.

How do I get FlightView to display speed in MPH?2020-12-18T00:20:26+00:00

That can be changed in the Units configuration page. Tap “More…” then “Menu” and select “Units”. You can specify the preferred speed unit for Airspeed, Ground Speed, and Wind Speed.

How many cylinders does the EMS support?2020-12-18T00:16:53+00:00

The EMS has enough thermocouple inputs to monitor EGT and CHT on up to 8 cylinders. However, the FlightView app currently only has EGT and CHT gauges for 6 cylinders. A future update will include a 1/2-screen EMS view that will be able to display up to 8.

What are my options for ADS-B antennas?2020-12-18T00:07:30+00:00
FlightView / FlightBox Pro NORSEE

For FightView and FlightBox Pro, you have two options: you can install a belly mount transponder-style antenna (either “stick-and-ball” or blade) or you can install a set of antennas in the cabin. The belly-mount option is cleaner, but more expensive and time-consuming. The cabin mount options is easier but has visible wires and sits in the window.


FlightBox / FlightBox Plus Portables

Portables installed in certified aircrat also have two options. You can connect the included high-gain rubber-duck antennas directly to the SMA jacks on the box, or you can use the in-cabin kit to remote mount the box and place the antennas in the window. If you are using a portable in an experimental aircraft, you can use the any of the three options: directly attached to the box, remotely mounted in the cabin, or belly mounted.

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