FlightView EFIS​

Lite Hardware Kit


Flight Data 
Computer v3

iPad Application

The FlightView Lite hardware kit includes the Flight Data Computer and a license for the FlightView app. Recommended for users who already have a modern digital engine monitoring system.

FlightView EFIS​

Core Hardware Kit


Flight Data
Computer v3

Monitor System

iPad Application

The FlightView Core hardware kit includes everything in the Lite kit plus the Falken Engine Monitor System (EMS). Recommended for users who already have a recent model iPad or want to customize their installation.

FlightView EFIS​

Ready-to-Fly Kits


Single Screen


Dual Screen


triple Screen

Our Ready-To-Fly kits include all components from the Core hardware kit plus 10.9″ Apple iPad tablets, FlightDock mounts, FlightBar controllers, and accessories. Just add engine probes and you’re Ready-To-Fly.

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System Configurations
FlightView supports up to three iPad displays plus up to three additional tablets and phones running EFB applications. 
iPads range in price from $300 to $1400 depending on model and options. iPads are sold separately by Apple and Apple resellers and are also available with our Ready-To-Fly kits.
iPad Recommendations
Falken Avionics recommends using any of the recent / current iPad models with USB-C power and data interfaces. These include the 2022 and newer iPad, 2018 and newer iPad Pro, 2020 and newer iPad Air, and the 2021 and newer iPad mini. USB-C models support wired (Ethernet) data connections, charge more efficiently, and have better thermal characteristics than older models.
FlightView Accessories
FlightBar Tactile Controller$250
FlightDock iPad Mount$200
FlightDock Mini iPad Mount$200
Dual Charge + Ethernet Kit – USB-C iPads$200
Dual Charge Kit – USB-C iPads$100
ADS-B Antenna + Splitter Kit$100
Compatible Autopilots
The following autopilots are compatible with FlightView and available from Aircraft Spruce and other resellers.

Bendix King xCruze2-Axis, Full RemoteRS-232 Extended NMEA$2800 – $3100
TruTrak Vizion2-Axis, Full RemoteRS-232 Extended NMEAVaries (Used)
Trio Pro Pilot2-Axis, Track & NavRS-232 Extended NMEA$3185
Trio EZ Pilot1-Axis, Track & NavRS-232 NMEA$1895
Aircraft Automation SuperECO1-Axis, Track & NavRS-232 NMEA$3100

EMS Probes and Senders
Probes for the engine monitor are sold by Aircraft Spruce. To order, use the part numbers listed below.

Part DescriptionSpruce PNSpruce Price ***
EGT Probe, Hose Clamp 0.7″ – 1.25″10-01171$40
EGT Probe, Hose Clamp 1.0″ – 2.25″10-01169$40
EGT Probe, Hose Clamp 1.0″ – 1.75″10-05079$40
CHT Probe, Bayonet Mount 3/8-24 UNF10-01170$35
CHT Probe, Ring Terminal, 12mm10-01845$30
Manifold Pressure Sensor, 0 – 60 InHg10-01171$90
Oil Pressure Sensor, 0 – 150 psi10-07134$145
Oil Pressure Sensor, 0 – 150 psi10-04056$74
Oil Temperature Sensor, 100 – 240F10-01173$35
Fuel Pressure, Carbureted, 0 – 50 psi10-07386$145
Fuel Pressure, Fuel Injected, 0 – 150 psi10-07134$145
Fuel Pressure, Fuel Injected, 0 – 150 psi10-04056$74
Amperage Shunt, 0 – 60 amps10-01178$25
Fuel Flow Transducer, 0 – 70 gph10-01165$255

See this page for a table that shows which sensors are recommended for your engine.

Compatible VHF COM Radios
The following transponder radios are compatible with FlightView.

Trig TY91 VHF COM$1396
Garmin GTR 200$1450
Garmin GTR 200b$1625
VAL Avionics COM 2KR$1050
MGL V16 COM w/ Vega$1085
MGL V16 COM w/ Razor$1249
MicroAir M760Q$1797
Garmin / Apollo SL40Used
Garmin / Apollo SL30Used

Compatible Transponder + ADS-B Systems
The following transponder + ADS-B-Out systems are compatible with FlightView and available from Falken Avionics.

uAvionix TailBeaconX$2499
Trig TT22 + TN72 Bundle$2650