FlightDock, FlightBar, and Falken TEC​

FlightDock secures your iPad in flight and keeps it cool. FlightBar gives your iPad a set of real buttons and knobs, and Falken TEC delivers the next level of cooling performance for your iPad avionics display.


Optimum Performance for Your iPads

Our FlightView EFIS uses Apple iPads for displays. FlightDock comes standard with active cooling, which helps keep your iPad working in hot weather. FlightDock also makes it easy to quickly mount and dismount your iPad.



iPad Panel Mount with Cooling

FlightDock is an iPad mount built to handle the harsh conditions of the GA cockpit. Made from aviation-grade ABS plastic, FlightDock can safely hold and cool any 9.7”, 10.2″, 10.5”, 11”, or 12.9” iPad model. (Every model other than the iPad Mini.)

The cooling system is thermally controlled, blowing a constant stream of air at low volume when things are cool, and blasting a the iPad at high speed when things get hot.

Installation: The mount includes a fixed bottom frame and a sliding top retaining rail. The entire assembly mounts on the front of the panel using standard #6 screws. No giant, precision cuts required.
The included 80mm fan mounts in a standard 3 1/8” instrument hole and is powered by 14v ship’s power.
FlightDock includes pre-drilled mounting holes for our FlightBar (the knobs and buttons add-on) and for installation on a RAM ball mount.



Tactile controller

FlightBar is a tactile control add-on that provides an alternative means of interacting with the FlightView system when turbulence makes the touch screen challenging to use. FlightBar includes two knobs and six physical buttons and connects to the iPad wirelessly. Power is supplied by a connection to your aircraft’s electrical system.

Installation: FlightBar mounts to the Falken FlightDock and can also be adapted to mount directly to your panel or to a third party iPad mount.


Falken TEC


The Falken TEC, an upgrade option for FlightDock, is an advanced thermoelectric cooling system designed specifically for iPads in aviation. It utilizes a Peltier junction and the thermoelectric effect to efficiently transfer heat from the iPad, ensuring optimal performance even in the most extreme temperatures.

Once installed, simply mount your iPad in the FlightDock and power it up. Within about 60 seconds, the device initiates the cooling process, chilling the cold plate and effectively removing excess heat from the iPad. The Falken TEC’s precise engineering guarantees that your iPad remains within its designated operating temperature range, regardless of the ambient conditions encountered in flight.

Installation: The Falken TEC conveniently fits into the standard 3 ⅛” instrument hole, making it compatible with our existing 80mm cooling fan setup. The hot side of the TEC is positioned behind the panel and connected to a switch that is wired to a 5 amp breaker or fuse. An insulating collar passes through the panel hole, while the cold plate is securely pressed against the iPad. Two screws attach the cold plate to the insulating collar, and bumper pads on the back side of the cold plate ensure consistent contact with the iPad, optimizing thermal transfer.