FlightView EFIS: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate… For Less

FlightView is an Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS): an integrated suite of displays, sensors, and computers that provides a 360° view of your aircraft. It includes a comprehensive suite of flight instruments, an advanced engine monitoring system, a state-of-the-art VFR navigator, and a host of situational awareness tools that make flying easier, safer, and more fun.

FlightView makes safety-enhancing technology affordable by using high quality commercial components. The FlightView display is a custom app built to run on Apple iPad tablets. The main Flight Data Computer is built on a powerful embedded computing platform running a suite of independent applications. This approach adds redundancy while significantly reducing costs.

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New FlightView Training Video

September 9, 2022|Comments Off on New FlightView Training Video

So here is a new 55 minute monster training video covering all things FlightView App. We start off with a quick review of what FlightView is and does, then take a brief look at the [...]

RNAV (GPS) Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams

September 7, 2022|Comments Off on RNAV (GPS) Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams

Version 3.0 of the FlightView system adds FAA RNAV (GPS) approach plates, airport diagrams, and approach procedures to the FlightView MFD and navigation system. These are currently considered experimental features as there [...]

2022 Show Specials

August 2, 2022|Comments Off on 2022 Show Specials

We're running AirVenture 2022 show special pricing through August 15 on the following: Save $100 on the FlightView Lite kit - regular price $1750, show special $1650 Save $200 on the FlightView Core kit - [...]

AirVenture 2022

August 2, 2022|Comments Off on AirVenture 2022

So first, the obligatory picture of this year's booth: I shot this during one of the very few moments when there wasn't a crowd of enthusiastic homebuilders crowded in and asking for a demo. Over [...]

FlightView Firmware v3: Core Improvements

April 11, 2022|Comments Off on FlightView Firmware v3: Core Improvements

Last year at Oshkosh I demo'd a new version of the firmware for FlightView that radically improved system performance and helped guarantee system stability. At the time, I figured the new code would be ready [...]

FlightView on Kitplanes

July 31, 2021|Comments Off on FlightView on Kitplanes

Marc Cook from Kitplanes Magazine dropped by on Friday and shot a quick video on FlightView. Check it out here.

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