FlightView EFIS

A complete instrument system for Experimental and Light Sport aircraft providing flight and engine data with advanced situational awareness and navigation tools.



And a Custom App​

A fully integrated suite
of high quality digital components




Up to 3 Retina-Class Touchscreen Displays


Runs On Apple iPad Tablets

7″ iPad Mini – 10.2″ iPad – 10.9″ iPad Air – 11″ iPad Pro – 12.9″ iPad Pro

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Active Cooling System for
Optimum Operating Temperatures

Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS)

A 360° View of Your Aircraft
at a Fraction of the Cost

EFIS system
Flight Data Computer

Provides attitude (AHRS), location (GPS), backup altitude, and ADS-B In (weather and traffic). It also serves as the hub, relaying data from other components to the FlightView display.

Air Data Computer
The air data computer connects to your pitot and static lines and provides data used to calculate airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, outside air temperature, true airspeed, and density altitude.
Engine Monitoring System
Monitors engine speed (RPM), manifold pressure, oil pressure and temperature, fuel pressure, fuel flow, and fuel level (2 tanks), voltage, amperage, and 16 thermocouple amplifiers for EGT, CHT, TIT.

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“Watch as Steve Sokol of Falken Avionics demonstrates the FlightView EFIS which runs on an iPad with a cooling mount. The system is modular and can be upgraded with a tactile control bar and engine monitor.”

Steven Sokol

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Navigating, Controlling COM Radios,
and Terrain Features

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