FlightView is an Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS): an integrated suite of displays, sensors, and computers that provides a 360° view of your aircraft. It includes a comprehensive suite of flight instruments, an advanced engine monitoring system, a state-of-the-art VFR navigator, and a host of situational awareness tools that make flying easier, safer, and more fun.

Better Value

FlightView makes safety-enhancing technology affordable by using high quality commercial components. The FlightView display is a custom app built to run on Apple iPad tablets. The main Flight Data Computer is built on a powerful embedded computing platform running a suite of independent applications. This approach adds redundancy while significantly reducing costs.

Latest News

App Update: v0.4r22 – Bug Fix and Engine Logging

May 4, 2021|Comments Off on App Update: v0.4r22 – Bug Fix and Engine Logging

TL;DR - version v0.4r22 of the FlightView app is now available in TestFlight. It fixes a bug with the RPM counter and adds an engine data logging feature. Quick Fix Well, that was quick. Last [...]

App Update: v0.4r21

May 2, 2021|Comments Off on App Update: v0.4r21

I am pushing out v0.4r21 to TestFlight with a set of fixes to issues uncovered in the past week. This version requires the same FlightBox firmware as the release last week (v2.3r1-7121b8ce98), so if you've [...]

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