About Firmware

The FlightView Flight Data Computer (FDC) runs a collection of programs which are collectively referred to as the FlightView Firmware package. Falken updates the FlightView firmware from time to time as bugs are discovered and fixed, and as new features are added to the system.

In some cases, especially when and update includes a new feature, users will need to also update to a newer release of the FlightView iOS application. Please make sure the version of the app on your iPad is compatible with the firmware you are installing, or update to the latest version of the app prior to installing the new firmware.

Automatic Firmware Updates

The FlightView app periodically checks the Falken servers to see if a new firmware update is available. If one is, it downloads it and stores it on the iPad.

The next time you connect the iPad to an FDC with an older firmware version, the app will let you know that an update is available. To install the update, do the following:

  1. Go to the Flight Data Computer page in the system settings (More => Menu => System Hardware => Flight Data Computer).
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the FDC Firmware section.
  3. Tap the Install Firmware Update button. Note that the button will only be displayed if an update is available.

The system will transfer the firmware update to the FDC and begin the update process. Within 30 seconds the update will start and the app will display a black dialog box showing progress data. Updates typically take 2 – 3 minutes. When the update is complete, the dialog box will disappear.

Though it is not required, Falken recommends power cycling the FDC after an update.

Manually Installing A Firmware Update

The automatic process is only used to distribute production firmware which has been thoroughly tested. In some cases Falken technical support may ask a user to install a beta or hot-fix update using the manual process. 

To install a firmware update, use the following process:

  1. Download the firmware file the link provided by Falken technical support.
  2. Copy the firmware file to a USB 2.0 flash drive, placing the file in the root (main) directory.
  3. Power on your FlightView FDC
  4. Power on your iPad, connect to the FDC via Ethernet or Wifi, and launch the FlightView app.
  5. Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the FDC (or on a USB hub connected to the FDC).
  6. After 30 – 90 seconds the system should begin the firmware installation process. You will see a black dialog box (window) appear on the FlightView app indicating that a firmware update is in progress.
  7. The update should take between 2 – 3 minutes to complete. The black dialog box will disappear when the update has finished.


  • Please make sure that the power source you are using for the FDC is not disconnected while the update is in progress.
  • Do not open / unzip the file – copy it “as-is” with the “.tar.gz” file extension.
  • Do not change the filename. The filename must be “fvinstall.tar.gz” – the FDC will not install an update with any other name.
  • FlightView does not support USB 3.x flash drives. Please make sure that the flash drive you are using is a USB 2.0 device.
  • The USB flash drive should be formatted with the FAT32 filesystem – the default for most USB 2.0 flash drives.

Beta Firmware

Falken Avionics offers a beta test program for those users who are wish to test out the latest features and functions. The beta program is open to any FlightView user with an installed and fully operational system. Beta testers have access to early versions of the FlightView firmware and iOS application.

If you are interested in participating in the beta program, please open a support ticket or contact us by email.