Installing a Trig TY91 COM Radio

There are two options for connecting FlightView with the TY91. If you purchased and installed the Trig control head, you will need to use option 1 (FlightLink RS-232 to the TC90 Control Head). If you did not purchase the control head you will need option 2 (FlightLink RS-485 Direct To The TY91). FlightLink RS-232 to […]

Connecting A Trig TT2x Transponder With FlightView

Pre-Made Harness The TT2x transponder connects to FlightView using a FlightLink USB-to-RS485 adapter. That adapter connects the two TMAP lines (A & B) to the TMAP inputs on the Trig harness via the DB-9 connector that would ordinarily be used for the control head.   If you purchased the pre-made TT2x harness, it comes with […]