AHRS Upgrade Kit v3 Installation

Please review the video before attempting to install the kit. Step-by-step written instructions are available below.

Installing the v3 AHRS Upgrade Kit

Software Update

Be sure your FlightBox is running version 1.4r5 or later. 1.4r5 can currently be installed manually or using the “Install Current Beta” option of the iOS FlightBox Utility app. 1.4r5 includes the drivers for the fan controller on the v3 AHRS module. Failure to install an appropriate firmware version may lead to heat-related issues with your FlightBox.


Step 1: Remove the top from your existing FlightBox, disconnecting the original fan.

Step 2: Remove the fan from the top and discard.

Step 3: Using the four screws and four nuts included in the kit, attach the new low-profile fan to the top. The label on the fan should be facing up so that the fan blows out through the top.

Step 4: Connect the AHRS module to the first six rows of pins on the Raspberry Pi.

Step 5: Connect the lead from the fan to the two pins on the AHRS module, making sure that the red lead is connected to the pin marked + and the black lead is connected to the pin marked -.

Step 6: Replace the top and secure.