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New Name, Same Guy, Same Stuff

Back in January of 2016 I launched Open Flight Solutions with a Kickstarter to fund the development of FlightBox, a kit for building a Stratux-based ADS-B receiver. At that point I was living in the Kansas City area, and I incorporated in Missouri. Since that time I’ve moved twice – first to California and later to Texas. I’ve also expanded the focus from a single kit product to a growing line of full featured avionics components. Throughout that journey I kept the original Missouri LLC (which was actually Ex Astris, LLC – with Open Flight as a DBA).

When I moved to Texas this past spring, I found out that it is much easier and less expensive to have a Texas-registered company, rather than an out-of-state registration. In an effort to simplify my life and save on administrative costs, I registered “Falken Avionics, LLC” as a native Texas company. Over the past several months I’ve been working to wind down the Missouri LLC and to move everything over. Falken now has a Texas d.b.a. for Falken Avionics, and all business since July has been conducted by Falken.

Over the next year I plan to rebrand under the Falken name. It’s a bit more personal*. A bit shorter to type. A bit more descriptive of the company’s focus. This change will not have any impact on any existing customers. Falken has taken over support, repair, and warranty obligations for FlightBox and other Ex Astris / Open Flight products. Same guy. Same stuff. New name.

* The name Falken comes from my all-too-brief time as an intern with the KC Flight formation team. Everyone on the team is eventually given a call sign. Mine is a reference to the movie War Games. Stephen Falken is the name of the ostensibly dead computer scientist first seen flying a pterodactyl on the Oregon coast.

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