New Product: Falken EMS - An Engine Monitor For Experimental and Certified Aircraft

I am pushing out v0.4r21 to TestFlight with a set of fixes to issues uncovered in the past week. This version requires the same FlightBox firmware as the release last week (v2.3r1-7121b8ce98), so if you’ve already updated your FlightBox Pro EXP all you need is the new version of the app. (If you’ve not updated to v2.3r1-7121b8ce98 the app will prompt you to do so – see last week’s blog post for details on the update process.)

One of the issues uncovered last week was an application crash. It occurred when the app received an ADS-B METAR update that was malformed and could not be parsed by the app’s METAR decoder. The two users who discovered this issue had the unfortunate experience of having the app crash every time that METAR arrived (about once every minute). Fortunately the next refresh from the METAR site was properly formatted and the crash stopped happening.

I believe I have added the necessary checks to prevent this error, but… if you happen to have a crash that recurs every 1 or 2 or 5 or 15 minutes, there’s a good chance that something is making its way past the checks. To stop this, you can temporarily disable the ADS-B weather feature on the FlightBox by disconnecting the 978 MHz antenna. 

Change Log

This update to the FlightView app includes the following:


  • Crash caused by malformed METAR data received over ADS-B.
  • Runway incursion alerts are inconsistent
  • Engine times (Hobbs / Tach) are not available.
  • EMS bar Oil Temp and Oil Pressure gauges ignore range set in Limit Editor.
  • EMS limit editor for RPM will not allow fine-grained control over values.
  • Music controller fails to track active song and buttons out of sync.
  • Navigation status reports erroneous DTG, ETE, and ETA for next waypoint value.
  • Terrain profile view startup mode not correctly represented on MFD.
  • MFD airspace annunciator altitude differential incorrect.
  • MFD airspace updates lag aircraft position.
  • Alerts for unusual attitudes, altitudes, vertical speeds, etc. not consistently playing.


  • Added fine tune function to EMS Limit editor.
  • Added user-configurable max value to RPM limit screen.
  • Added Tach/Hobbs editor.

Known Issues:

  • The EMS calculates both Hobbs and Tach values using the Hobbs algorithm. This will be addressed in a future version of the device firmware and will require the EMS be sent in for a low-level firmware update.

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